Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell are one of the best radio listens for college football. Outside of maybe Paul Finebaum, you’ll have trouble finding a national show that features college football like these two.

And both are very well educated. It makes for an overall great listen, although different from Scott Van Pelt and Russillo.

The duo unveiled their College Football Playoff predictions Wednesday, and each of the hosts have one SEC team making the cut:

Ryen Russillo: 1. Ohio State, 2. TCU, 3. Auburn, 4. USC

Danny Kanell: 1. Ohio State, 2. Baylor, 3. UCLA, 4. Georgia

Kanell is widely known as one to poke fun of the SEC love throughout the national media, but he isn’t afraid to speak truth on the best conference in college football.

“When people ask me who’s the best conference, coming into the season I said it was the SEC and the Pac-12 was right on their heels,” Kanell told SDS last year. “Now, I’m not going to deny the SEC is the strongest conference out there. My biggest argument is that the gap is smaller than most people think.”

Kanell, however, had a surprise SEC team in the playoff for 2015 — Georgia.

Russillo on Auburn…

“I’m going Auburn out of the SEC for my third seed. I did go back and forth on the Bama stuff a little bit. I know there’s a lot of LSU love. I’d have to see it at least first hand with Harris at quarterback before I could even put them into this conversation, and as tough as the SEC West will be, I trust Malzahn; I trust Johnson; I trust that Muschamp doesn’t have to make this defense great, they just have to make it better than terrible. So, I’m going with them.”

Kanell on Georgia…

“My fourth spot — I’m going to go with Georgia. I love Georgia. I think the Greyson Lambert era is about to start. I know he’s getting just crushed. Have you heard that Georgia fans are upset? Like they’re upset that this whole graduate transfer comes in and starts over their guy Brice Ramsey who has put in the time and paid his dues.”

Russillo responded to Kanell, “Here’s what that tells you. Mason just really wasn’t that good last year. The fact that they wanted to bring Lambert in and he becomes the starter … it just tells you how bad the quarterback situation was at Georgia. I know how much everyone loves the backfield, the front, and Chubb and the other running backs still on this roster. Man, that is a leap of faith.”

Kanell admitted that Georgia is his least confident pick among the playoff contenders.