LSU fans, welcome to 2020.

The SEC football season finally kicked off at noon ET on Saturday. Several hours later, we had the first big SEC upset of the season — and probably the first group of upset fans.

The Tigers lost at home to unranked Mississippi State and got torched for an SEC record in single-game passing yards in the process.

LSU fans got used to the whole “never losing” thing last season, and who can blame them? But MSU helped remind them how sad it feels:

The forlorn feeling …

And the stunning realization …

South Carolina had a legit chance to beat Tennessee, tying the score early in the fourth quarter. But the Gamecocks fell short and their fans had feelings about it:

The feeling is expressed by — you guessed it — one of the first Surrender Cobra sightings of the young SEC football season:

A nicely timed double Cobra struck Ole Miss fans during the loss to Florida:

Not even sad, just amusing that a familiar meme pops up to encapsulate the oddity of two SEC games having an unusual 7-5 score at halftime:

Outside of the SEC, Texas Tech fans had a familiar sinking feeling after their team blew a lead and lost to Texas in overtime:

Meanwhile, in the ACC, Florida State’s implosion continued with a thrashing at the hands of rival Miami:

The loss was bad enough for players to share in the misery felt by Seminoles rooters:

Finally, a very clever Surrender Cobra reference snakes its way into our view regarding Oklahoma’s shocking loss to Kansas State:

That play on Spencer Rattler’s name might just win the internet this week.

What kinds of sadness will we see in Week 2 of SEC football 2020? Stay tuned.