Sorry, Tennessee, this is going to feel like we are picking on you.

But going into late Sunday’s LSU-Miami game, the Volunteers were the only losing team in the SEC on college football’s first full weekend.

It was not unexpected, mind you. Tennessee has a long rebuilding job ahead, and facing No. 17 West Virginia and its All-American quarterback candidate, Will Grier, was always going to be tough. We are almost inclined to give the guy in the top photo credit for spirit.

But the man-bra tells us he wasn’t fully committed to the effort. Or maybe too committed, it’s hard to say.

Tennessee did get a touchdown early, giving West Virginia a chance to have a sad fan moment of its own:

Anyway, around the country there were far more sad fans.

Take Michigan. The Wolverines spent the entire offseason building toward the opener against old rival Notre Dame, but by the time the Fighting Irish led 21-3, this one Michigan’s fan commentary pretty much summed it up:

That sums up the entire Jim Harbaugh era so far: SO much expectation, so much disappointment.

Speaking of disappointment, Hook ‘Em Horns! Or should we say, Fear the Turtle. Again. Sam Ehlinger’s face here says it all:

When Texas signed a home-and-home contract with Maryland, we’re betting that nobody in Longhorn Nation envisioned the Terrapins winning both games. But here we are.

At least one question got answered:

Meanwhile, the SadSECfans Twitter account gave us this. I have watched it half a dozen times and I’m still not sure what happened to this weatherperson in this moment:

Just another fan happy to have college football back?

Some of the best sad fans from around the country: