Alabama and Auburn are eternal rivals in their state. But on Saturday, the fans of both teams could share a common emotion: Disappointment.

First for the Crimson Tide: They lost their spot at the top of the polls with a stunning upset at Texas A&M.

Up next for Bama is Mississippi State, whose fans seem to know a bad week might be coming:

Now for the Tigers. Auburn lost the latest edition of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry against Georgia. Auburn led 3-0 early, but that was false hope:

The glow from the previous week’s win at LSU faded fast:

Good execution was hard to come by all around for Auburn:

Also, the thriller in Oxford between Ole Miss and Arkansas was bound to leave one set of fans drained:

The Hogs made things interesting for their fired-up fans:

Right down to the last-second TD and the fateful decision to go for 2:

All this excitement was bound to lead to a legit #SurrenderCobra moment.

Proceedings were not nearly as exciting for South Carolina fans in a loss to Tennessee:

In a rivalry that will be a part of the SEC fabric in a few years, Oklahoma and Texas renewed things in Dallas at the Texas State Fair:

The Longhorns looked good early but put their fans through a lot in the second half:

The winning touchdown came in the final seconds, and OU couldn’t help but notice what that did to Texas fans:

Yep, it was a painful moment of surrender for the folks clad in burnt orange:

This wound up being a bit premature:

Finally, on the West Coast, there is the USC type of sadness with a home loss to Utah, and you realize that firing a coach midseason (again) really didn’t help:

And there is a completely different pain in Tuscon, where Arizona fell to UCLA for its 17th consecutive defeat:

If only for a week, Alabama fans can relate. Only for a week, though.