Championship Week meant Auburn fans returned to “Sad fans are sad,” but they were hardly alone across the country among fans — and coaches — who had unforgettable expressions to the events that closed the regular season.

Auburn fans wearing orange sport coats made the second straight appearance — complete with a Surrender Cobra — in “Sad fans are sad,” except this time, they didn’t enjoy the final outcome. Georgia fans, meanwhile, were another story as they enjoyed the Bulldogs’ latest SEC Championship title at the expense of Auburn and its fans.

Across the country, fans of the losing teams in the Big Ten and Big 12 championships each might’ve questioned their fashion choices walking out of the stadium, be it TCU overalls, or Wisconsin cheese heads.

And being on the sideline doesn’t insulate you from the cameras that bring us “Sad fans are sad.” Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz each had disgusted expressions after a play on the field went against their team.

(Photos by USA TODAY Sports)