A Washington County, Ohio, woman is now facing charges after she violated school policy at a 7th and 8th grade football game, according to a report from WTAP.com out of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The woman, identified as Alecia Kitts, was placed under arrest after she refused to leave school property. She’s a parent of a Marietta School student who played in the game Wednesday night.

The report says a school resource officer approached Kitts and asked her to put on a mask while on school property. The resource officer’s assignment was to ensure that everyone was complying with CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Athletic Association and Logan Hocking School District guidelines.

Kitts refused to put on a mask, and at that point, she was asked to leave the stadium and wait outside. If she didn’t leave, she would be cited for trespassing and escorted off the property. Police say that after several failed attempts to get her to put on a mask and get her to leave the property, the officer asked her to put her hands behind her back and that she was under arrest for criminal trespassing.

Police say she refused to comply, and the officer tried to handcuff her. The video below shows Kitts pulling away from the arrest attempt, so the officer deployed his Taser. He was then able to get the woman in custody and taken to a police cruiser.

Kitts was charged with criminal trespassing and released, per the report. There are additional charges pending against her.

Police told the news station that Kitts was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She was charged for refusing to leave the premises after violating school policy.

The video of the incident can be seen below: