NFL preseason games are on and that means college football is inching ever closer!

Should college football have preseason games? We’ll discuss that in today’s Mailbag. Also on the docket? The “Field of Dreams” MLB game, mascots and Taco Bell orders.

Let’s dive into your questions for this week’s Mailbag, shall we?


Watching this White Sox-Yankees “Field of Dreams” game, I’m wondering — what would be the college football equivalent of this matchup?

That’s a great question. Considering “Field of Dreams,” the movie, chronicles an Iowa farmer who, for some reason, has the ghosts of the 1919 Chicago White Sox join him on a baseball field he made on his farm, the college football equivalent has to be a game with major historical significance.

So, “ghosts” have to be involved, too, right? How about the “Galloping Ghost” — former Illinois RB Red Grange?

Grange played for the Illini from 1923 to 1925 — only a few years after the Chicago “Black Sox” scandal of 1919. Heck, he even plays in the same state as the “Black Sox.”

Their opponent should be, naturally, Iowa. Play the game at a football field made in some random Iowa cornfield every year. It’s perfect. You can’t convince me otherwise. I nailed the answer to this question. Good job, me.


Which current college football mascot would you most want as a pet?

While I’m tempted to say Mike the Tiger (LSU) here, I watched “Tiger King” early in quarantine and know that’s a mess waiting to happen. I don’t want to have a Netflix documentary about me.

And, with apologies to Georgia and Mississippi State, I’m not much of a bulldog fan. I just don’t want to have an animal as a pet that breathes that loud. Birds are out as well, due to the noise factor.

The answer here is clearly a dog. And with apologies to Huskies, I’m going with Texas A&M’s Reveille as the mascot I’d most want as a pet. A dog that is super-smart, can go for runs with me and has an extra-soft coat? Sign me up. Runner up is probably a buckeye. It’d be kind of like a pet rock. Not a lot of cleanup or responsibilities if you have a buckeye as a pet.


NFL preseason games are on now. Should college football teams be allowed to play a couple of preseason games each year?

This is the point where you’ll get a lot of fans to grumble that teams already play a sort of preseason with nonconference cupcakes. In Week 1, Arkansas plays Rice, Auburn plays Akron, South Carolina plays Eastern Illinois, Vanderbilt plays ETSU, etc.

And I understand that argument, to an extent. But those games do still count on the official record. Also, Georgia plays Clemson in Week 1. Alabama plays Miami. Those aren’t easy games. LSU travels to UCLA.

I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of, like, say, Alabama hosting a team like Rice during preseason camp to hold a scrimmage or 2. Rice gets to see how Alabama operates and gets to square off against the Tide in a game that doesn’t count for the standings.

Yes, the NFL is a professional league, where players only have to focus on the game and don’t have to pretend to go to school, too, but they get to hold joint practices and have preseason games.

I would be in favor of the NCAA allowing teams to hold joint practices against smaller schools in the same state. It benefits both programs, honestly. Of course, I have 0 confidence the NCAA could implement something like that without completely screwing it up.


What’s your go-to Taco Bell order?

It all starts with a Crunchwrap Supreme. Then, I order a couple of soft tacos, extra hot sauce. And, naturally, you have to get a Baja Blast Mountain Dew when you go to Taco Bell.

I don’t know how many calories that is. Frankly, I don’t care.

If I’m feeling extra hungry, maybe I’ll order some churros for dessert. But I usually stick pretty close to the order above.

Here’s where I mention that I haven’t been to Taco Bell in a few years. But now you have me rethinking that decision.

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