I cringe when I think of what our electric bill is going to be next month.

As I write this Thursday, I have two TVs showing March Madness games, an iPad with a game on and my wife’s laptop streaming basketball, too. On Friday, as you’re reading this, I’ll be doing the same thing.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll only need two screens at a time, but I’ll still have them on all day. Oh well, the electric bill is a problem for future Adam, so I’ll just enjoy the basketball now.

After all, it’s the best time of the year, hands down. Here are some of your questions for this week’s SDS Mailbag, a few of which have a March Madness theme:


There are 8 seconds left (plenty of time to go the length of the floor and get a good shot). Your team is down one. Which SEC player (who is in the NCAA Tournament) do you want taking the shot?

Great question. There are so many clutch players in the SEC — from LSU PG Tremont Waters to Florida PG Andrew Nembhard to Kentucky G Tyler Herro to Tennessee F Grant Williams and others.

However, with a game on the line, I want the ball in the hands of Auburn PG Jared Harper. I mean, just look what he did to Florida in the SEC Tournament semifinals:

Yes, I know that the Tigers were ahead by 1 at that point, but that was an absolute dagger. And Harper had been ice cold in the second half to that point. Still, he’s not afraid of the moment, he has unlimited range, and he can get to the hoop if teams play him too tight at the three-point arc.


Thoughts on Avery Johnson? The Norfolk State loss suddenly makes next year seem like a lame-duck season, unless he engineers a huge turnaround.

Yeah, Alabama AD Greg Byrne is definitely in a tough spot when it comes to Johnson’s future. You’re right — if Johnson returns for next season, it’ll certainly be a do-or-die campaign. Either the team makes huge improvements and makes the NCAA Tournament, or Johnson is gone.

The problem with that approach by the university is with recruiting. What highly-rated player is going to commit to Alabama for the 2020 class when Johnson’s future is in doubt? The Tide have three 4-star players who have signed letters of intent for the 2019 class, but if a coaching change is made, they’ll be able to get out of those LOIs.

It’s a tough time in Tuscaloosa, and losing to Norfolk State is definitely a low point for a program (trust me, I’m a Mizzou fan). If I were Greg Byrne, I’d cut my losses and make a switch. However, I’m not him, so we’ll see what happens this offseason. It’ll be a very important one for the Tide.


I know you guys are doing a “The Office” best episode bracket, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. However, I’m wondering what you think the most-underrated, non-listed episode is. There are so many to choose from!

To me, there are two answers here and they both come to us from Season 5. If you look at the bracket created by my colleagues over at The SDS Podcast, you’ll notice that both “Prince Family Paper” and “Golden Ticket” are missing:

I know people are outraged over “Scott’s Tots” being left off the list, but I actually agree with Connor and Chris on that one. It’s a beautiful and hilarious concept, but man, even for a show that is designed to be cringeworthy at times, it’s an episode where I find myself having to look away from the screen at various points.

If I had to pick one, I’d say “Prince Family Paper,” just because of the interactions between Michael, Dwight and the people at the other paper company. Add in the Hilary Swank debate that engulfs the entire office, and it’s a classic.


The SEC has three schools with Tiger mascots. But what is the best type of actual tiger?

According to my very limited research, there are nine types of tigers, three of which are extinct. So, among the living subspecies of tigers, I’ll rank them 1-6.

Bengal tigers are the ones most people picture when they picture tigers, and they’re my favorite kind, so they lead the list:

  1. Bengal tiger
  2. Siberian tiger
  3. Indochinese tiger
  4. Sumatran tiger
  5. Malayan tiger
  6. South China tiger

With tigers, though, you can’t go wrong. Great animal.


If sandwiches had a bracket, which four sandwiches would make it to the Final Four, and which sandwich would win? (Parameters — sandwiches must be served cold and universally available in a standard deli.)

The “served cold” thing is a big qualifier, as it eliminates things like meatball subs and grilled cheeses. I’m also not the sort of guy who considers a hot dog a sandwich, but there are still plenty of quality sandwiches out there.

I, for one, am a huge fan of club sandwiches. I would give them a No. 1 seed and a berth in the Final Four. I also think the classic PB&J gets major consideration. It’s often overlooked by adults, but is a major go-to for kids of all ages.

From there, I’ll go with a ham-and-cheese sandwich and a BLT to round out the Final Four. I have PB&J advancing to meet ham-and-cheese in the final, with ham-and-cheese winning.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options, and since today is one of my days off, I’m probably going to go out for a club sandwich for lunch today. I know I won’t be disappointed.

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