The next SDS Mailbag will come out the day before the Miami-Florida game! We’ve almost made it through the offseason.

Time to get outside and enjoy those last days of summer (unless it’s 100-plus degrees outside where you are) before your Saturdays are dominated by some exciting college football action.

Here are your questions for this week’s Mailbag:


College GameDay has already announced it will be at Disney for Week 0 and in Arlington for the Oregon-Auburn game in Week 1. Where do you predict it will be for the rest of the season?

Those are 2 fun choices for the first couple of weeks. It’s always tough to predict locations further on in the season, as a lot will happen between now and then.

Upsets and other things will determine much of the schedule, but for now, here’s where I predict the show will end up every week:

  • Week 2: LSU at Texas — This game might end up being a Playoff eliminator for the loser. It’s a matchup of 2 iconic programs, as well. They could also end up at Texas A&M-Clemson, but I predict they’ll end up in Austin.
  • Week 3: Clemson at Syracuse — This might be GameDay’s first look at the defending champions. Syracuse has given the Tigers trouble the past couple of years, so it’s a good chance to check in with them before they get into less-competitive parts of their ACC schedule.
  • Week 4: Notre Dame at Georgia — It’s also tempting to go with Oregon at Stanford, but this is a once-in-a-generation (well, twice, technically) matchup of 2 teams with Playoff aspirations. The game in South Bend in 2017 was incredible, and this year’s matchup in Athens should be just as fun.
  • Week 5: Ohio State at Nebraska — Assuming both teams are still undefeated, this will be a great test for Scott Frost’s Cornhuskers. The Buckeyes have a history of losing a road game to an unranked team every year, but the Huskers might be ranked at this point. Either way, Lincoln will be rocking for this game, and GameDay will want to be a part of it.
  • Week 6: Washington at Stanford — The show’s first trip out West could come here, with a huge Pac-12 North matchup. The Cardinal are being lost in the shuffle behind the Ducks and Huskies (and even the Cougars of Washington State), but with QB K.J. Costello, they could be a division contender.
  • Week 7: Florida at LSU or Oklahoma vs. Texas — In my opinion, this will be determined by who wins that Week 2 matchup (mentioned above). The winner should still be in Playoff contention, while the other is hanging on for its CFP life.
  • Week 8: Michigan at Penn State — This will be the Wolverines’ toughest test to this point. All of their other toughest games are at home. Washington at Oregon could also be an option, but the Michigan hype train will be in full swing by Week 8.
  • Week 9: Wisconsin at Ohio State — Notre Dame at Michigan is another option, but I’m anticipating a loss for the Irish in Athens, taking some luster off that game. Meanwhile, Wisconsin and Ohio State could still be undefeated heading into this game.
  • Week 10: Georgia vs. Florida (in Jacksonville) — The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is always a good time. And, once again, this game could decide the SEC East title.
  • Week 11: LSU at Alabama — Will this be the year the Tigers finally get past the Tide? It’ll be an incredible atmosphere in Tuscaloosa this week.
  • Week 12: Michigan State at Michigan — Assuming the Spartans haven’t lost more than 1 game by this point, this will be a tough test for the Wolverines.
  • Week 13: TCU at Oklahoma — There aren’t many interesting matchups this week, so GameDay might be creative. If not, maybe they’ll head to Norman to check in on the Sooners.
  • Week 14: Ohio State at Michigan — Could both teams enter this game undefeated? It’s possible. The winner will likely be favored in the Big Ten title game. Is this the year the Wolverines get past the Buckeyes under Jim Harbaugh?
  • Week 15: SEC Championship Game — I’m guessing Alabama and Georgia end up in Atlanta once again. If they’re both undefeated, both might end up in the Playoff again, too. If not, it could be an elimination game for one team. Should be fun.

These predictions are sure to be wrong, but it’s always fun to look for the biggest games on the schedule each week.


Since it’s still wedding season, what are the 5 perfect “marriages” in the SEC this year — coaches/QBs, QB/WR, RB/O-Line, etc.?

As someone who was invited to numerous weddings this summer, I’m happy that it’s almost college football season. Time for Saturdays spent watching games and enjoying fall weather.

However, this is a great question, so let’s dive back into the world of marriages and figure out the top 5 combinations in the SEC:

  • Tua Tagovailoa + Alabama WRs — Polyamorous relationships are making a comeback, it seems, and the Crimson Tide have a great one. Tagovailoa will love throwing to Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III, Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith. It’ll make for must-see TV.
  • D’Andre Swift + Georgia O-Line — Another multiple-person marriage, but Swift behind that Georgia offensive line is flat-out scary. He’ll be someone to watch in the Heisman race if he can stay healthy.
  • Jarrett Guarantano + Jim Chaney — The Tennessee quarterback will love working with his new offensive coordinator. Chaney turned Jake Fromm into a star at Georgia, and he’ll look to do the same with Guarantano this fall.
  • Kelly Bryant + Larry Rountree III — The Mizzou quarterback-running back combo will be one of the most exciting combos in the league. Rountree is underrated and Bryant has a lot to prove. The Tigers’ running game should be lots of fun this fall.
  • Joe Moorhead + Tommy Stevens — The former Penn State offensive coordinator now has his old backup quarterback with him in Starkville. Stevens hasn’t officially been named the starter, but he seems to be in the lead during fall camp. If he wins the job, it’ll be exciting to see how he runs the offensive system he spent his first couple of years running.

They say half of marriages end in divorce, so a couple of these combos might not perform up to par. Hopefully, though, they all live happily ever after.


Who would be where on a softball team made up of SEC coaches?

There are some guys who are athletic among SEC coaches, and others who aren’t so much. Here’s how I’d compose a slow-pitch softball roster made up of SEC coaches:

  • C: Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State — He might not be the most athletic guy, but he looks like he can hit.
  • P: Kirby Smart, Georgia — Just looking for some consistency here, and I bet Smart would be a (forgive the pun) smart pick.
  • 1B: Ed Orgeron, LSU — Coach O has to be on the team, and he’s a big guy. Perfect fit at first.
  • 2B: Will Muschamp, South Carolina — Second basemen are often scrappy, and they don’t make people much scrappier than Muschamp.
  • SS: Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee — Pruitt is one of the more-athletic shortstops. He might not be the fastest, but I bet he has good instincts to play shortstop.
  • 3B: Barry Odom, Mizzou — The hot corner is always tough, especially in softball, but Odom looks athletic enough and sturdy enough to handle it.
  • OF: Derek Mason, Vanderbilt; Dan Mullen, Florida; Chad Morris, Arkansas — I just need some guys who can move out here. These guys seem like some of the most-athletic coaches in the conference.
  • DH: Matt Luke, Ole Miss — Luke looks like he could smack some dingers.
  • Manager: Nick Saban, Alabama — If there’s a coaching position to be had, I want Saban in it. He’d find some sort of rule or matchup advantage to exploit, for sure.

Apologies to Gus Malzahn, Jimbo Fisher and Mark Stoops. They can be alternates.


I was watching a rerun of “There’s Something About Mary” the other night and thought Brett Favre did a wonderful job in his small but important role. So it made me think about other athletes who have appeared in movies over the years. Of course Carl Weathers in the “Rocky” series came to mind and who can forget Alex Karras as Mongo in “Blazing Saddles.” Who would some of your picks be for best appearance by a football player in a movie?

It’s tough to argue with any of your choices, though, as a #millennial, I’d have to say I remember Carl Weathers much more from “Happy Gilmore.” It’s all in the hips!

Speaking of Adam Sandler movies, Lawrence Taylor makes a solid appearance in “The Waterboy:”

Carl Weathers is a legitimately good actor, though, so he gets the nod. I’m giving it to him mostly for “Happy Gilmore” and for playing himself in “Arrested Development.”

Also, Peyton Manning did a great job during a cameo on “Modern Family:”

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last from Manning as a TV or movie actor.

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