In our first SDS roundtable where we discuss a wide range of topics during the current sports shutdown, we discuss what various members of the SDS staff are watching on television at home. Hopefully these answers provide some viewing options for readers looking for help to pass the time.

Dustin Schutte:

I’ve got a handful of classic movies saved on my DVR and on my DVD shelf that I have saved for the cold weather, gloomy days, etc. Sitting down to watch Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and other classics is a great way to travel back into cinema history and see how movies became such a prominent aspect of our culture today. Plus, they’re usually really entertaining.

With a little more free time, I’ll probably be able to add a few more to the watch list, skim through Netflix, Disney Plus and TCM to see what other highly-regarded classics are available over the next few weeks. And, let’s be honest, I’ll probably dabble in sports movies like Hoosiers, Rudy and a few others to get my fix.

Jon Cooper:

Since sports have basically taken a hiatus and the kids are home from school, a somewhat distraction-less time has given our family a gift to reflect and remember what matters most in life. We’re watching a lot of Netflix right now since sports hit pause. The last 4 things we’ve watched are The Pharmacist, Spenser Confidential, Designated Survivor and The Office.

We’re on episode 4 of 4 for The Pharmacist, and despite being terrifying, it’s really well done. Spenser Confidential was good; the biggest surprise is that Post Malone was in it and in character. Designated Survivor is already getting old, and we’re still on the first season. So, that one is probably toast soon for another series. (Maybe someone can encourage us to stay the course). The Office, however, is still gold despite having seen every episode multiple times. We’re currently on Season 4, Episode 4, “Money.” I’m already dreading Michael leaving the show.

Connor O’Gara:

There are two separate categories here. There’s “what I’m currently watching” and “what I hope to soon be watching.” Currently, my wife and I are rewatching every Harry Potter movie. Yes, we own all 8 movies, and yes, tell me I’m a nerd for doing that. I have no shame. They still hold up. That Voldemort dude was one bad dark lord. I did the math and those movies are just shy of 20 total hours. In other words, that’s the equivalent of binge-watching roughly 2 seasons of a popular series on Netflix. Don’t judge.

As for “what I hope to soon be watching,” that’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Office and Parks & Recreation are my 2 favorite shows of all-time and given the common denominator of Michael Schur as the show creator, I’ve been told to give that a shot. Despite my “meh” feelings on Andy Samberg, this is inevitably going to end with us binge-watching every episode and ranking this among our favorite shows ever. Probably. Expectations are high.

Michael Bratton:

If you missed “Hello Ladies” during its run on HBO, you missed out on a hidden comedy gem. It stars Stephen Merchant, co-creator of “The Office” with Ricky Gervais, who plays an awkward but successful tech guy in Los Angeles. His character has incredibly high standards which adds to the humor if you know what Merchant looks like, think Dirk Nowitzki without the basketball skills. Fans of the “The Office” should enjoy this show, which is available on HBO, HBO Go and HBO Now.

Also, I rewatched the 2019 LSU at Alabama game and 2019 Alabama at Auburn games this weekend because I enjoy watching the Crimson Tide lose.

Chris Marler:

I just started Homeland. Good. Ness. If you thought the Kick Six was an emotional roller coaster just wait until you strap in to an episode of Homeland Season 1 have to try and figure out whether or not Claire Danes is sleeping with a terrorist. All jokes aside, I love it so far but have heard season 3 gets a little crazy. Which is admittedly concerning considering the plot I described in the previous sentence about one night stands with Al Qaeda.

Kevin Duffey:

I think Better Call Saul is the best show on right now. It’s definitely a slow burn like it’s “parent” show of Breaking Bad, but the show creators are basically just showing off right now. It’s like when Lane Kiffin was calling touchdown before the Alabama offense even ran the play in the 2014 SEC Championship Game. Because of the success of Breaking Bad, the show creators basically have the green light to just execute, and these guys are throwing 101 MPH fastballs each episode. Because of this “room to breathe,” they take some serious liberties in the early seasons to lay the foundation both in character and story development, but the payoffs later on are worth it. And while it might be slow when watching week-to-week on cable TV, binging these early seasons on Netflix will make getting through them easier and more enjoyable. Like Breaking Bad, when Gus arrives, the show tends to pick up the intensity and keep getting better.

I’m also looking forward to Ozark season 3 on Netflix this month.

Unfortunately for us parents, what we are watching is also not limited to our own personal preferences. My 4-year old is doing her best to stress test the sever and bandwidth capacity of the new Disney+ streaming platform by watching Frozen 2 on a near continuous loop.

Any topic suggestions for future staff roundtables (sports or otherwise)? Please leave suggestions in the comments!