Each SDS roundtable discussion involves the SDS staff providing individual answers and comments to questions covering a wide range of sports and non-sports topics. In this discussion, we ask the question: Who is your favorite SEC personality to follow on Twitter?

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Jon Cooper, SDS co-founder

Well, I’m going outside the box here. There are a handful of great follows like Michael Casagrande, Danny Kanell and Barrett Sallee related to the SEC who are informative and entertaining; however, I’m going with Clay Travis. Now, I realize this will irk some of you, but that’s fine. Clay has been an SEC football fan his entire life, and he’s written books and many stories on the subject. I don’t agree with everything Clay writes or discusses on his radio show; however, it’s smart, funny and intelligent commentary. Yes, Clay has very much broadened the topics he writes about and discusses (sports, politics, etc), but he’s always informed and generates interesting ideas.

In a world where there’s a lot of groupthink, Clay isn’t one of them. He doesn’t have a herd mentality. While usually brash and sometimes outlandish, Clay tells it like it is, and whether you agree with it or not, you usually see the point he’s trying to make. Although I am much more reserved, conservative and don’t always agree, I respect the platform he’s made and the brand he’s grown. If there’s one Twitter feed that I need to see on a certain topic, Clay’s is the go-to.

Connor O’Gara, Senior national columnist

I’ll be a little biased here and go with my guy Peter Burns. The SEC Network host definitely provides the SEC spin, yes, but I think he asks super engaging questions. I can’t tell you how many times he gave me an idea that prompted a column. He’s not an over-tweeter, either. I swear, some people just spend their entire day on Twitter and don’t do anything else. He’s not afraid to put himself out there, either. If he feels strongly about something, like LSU beating Texas, he’ll go to bat on social media. He’ll tweet about friendly wagers (he and his wife have a running Alabama-LSU bet because she’s a diehard Alabama fan and he’s LSU through and through) and he’ll admit when he’s wrong. That Florida-Tennessee game last year comes to mind. P.B. doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he fits the brand of SEC football well.

Also, if you don’t follow @karenehowell, you’re missing out. She has to be one of most underrated, funny people who tweet about the SEC (and all things southern).

Chris Marler, The SDS Podcast co-host

My favorite SEC follow is @Karenehowell.

In addition to just being a podcast co-host, I’ve also spent the last year and a half running most of SDS’ social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. And Karen Howell is by far my favorite twitter follow. She’s a lawyer from Mississippi and is the funniest Twitter follow around. Whether it’s about the Egg Bowl, Gator jorts, or Zack Morris, she’s hilarious no matter what. I’d say multiple times a week I find myself genuinely laughing out loud from something she’s tweeted, and we’ve RT’d and reposted several of her tweets/jokes on multiple platforms. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Neil Blackmon, Florida columnist

Mine is still @edsbs.

Not just because Every Day Should be Saturday, but because Spencer gets the greasy bacon and cheesy grits and blasting John Prine on a country backroad aspect of SEC Football and Saturdays down South. He has a way of finding good-natured humor and humanity in southern football insanity, and that has long made him my favorite SEC football follow.

Michael Bratton, News editor

For anyone not following @BigOrangeVolz, you are doing Twitter wrong. He’s the funniest guy I know and he’s constantly sharing or making videos and memes that Tennessee fans will love and fans of the the other SEC schools would appreciate.

@Power_T_Tape is another great account. He’s got a coaching background and loves sharing insight into how he sees the game.

@SEC_StatCat is a relatively new account that I’ve grown to appreciate. They share tons of advanced SEC stats and information.

His account isn’t SEC specific, but @smartfootball is an account that’s been around awhile and he’s one of the best for Xs and Os junkies.

Adam Spencer, Newsletter editor

Since we decided we couldn’t all go with Rex Chapman, I’ll go with a pair of SEC Network personalities — Alyssa Lang and Marty Smith. Marty tweets about a wide-range of things, not just sports. Recently, he did an in-depth comparison of Joe Exotic and Toby Keith that gave me a chuckle:

Then, there’s Lang, who seems to be having quite the quarantine cooking adventure:

I like it when media personalities don’t just tweet about sports and give us little glimpses behind the scenes. Speaking of great media personalities to follow on Twitter, how about some of our great writers? No one riles up SEC fans quite like @MichaelWBratton, @VerneFUNquist’s memes can’t be beaten, @cjogara keeps you up to date on his latest articles and is basically serving as a countdown clock for the Michael Jordan documentary lately, and @CWrightSDS provides more historical context for SEC football than just about anyone on Twitter (you’ll just have to forgive him for his ACC basketball and Tampa Bay Rays tweets). Just don’t follow @AdamSpencer4. That guy is a hack.

Chris Wright, Executive editor

We’re fortunate. The SEC has a lot of characters on Twitter, which has come in handy during the past month. Everybody looks forward to Rex’s daily respite from reality. Our Mike Bratton frequently provides witty retorts and jabs that SEC lifers no doubt get. I like Cole Cubelic’s mix of football insight and humor. Laura Rutledge is an absolute pro. I laugh at too many of @SouthernbeLLSU‘s forays. Several stats accounts provide excellent next-level information. I don’t mind Kanell’s scripted contrarian point of view, but I have muted other SEC talking heads simply because I can’t listen to their nonsense any longer. No, not Pawwwwl. He’s great.

Point being, we have a lot of options for SEC fodder. Hopefully you enjoy our accounts, too.

After I get the news, I generally use Twitter for comic relief. Few provide that better than Rex, but you already know about him.

A lot of you also know about “SEC Shorts,” but the skit’s star, Josh Snead (@josnead), is one of my favorite Twitter follows.

I wish he tweeted more because when he does …