In about a month, you’re going to hear the same thing that you hear every year.

“These preseason rankings don’t mean anything.”

There’s truth to that. Ranking teams that haven’t played games is completely backward to how sports usually operate. It’s not like any of the major pro sports make such a big deal about some preseason ranking.

But you see, that’s why college football is different. We, as college football fans, can acknowledge that while rankings might not determine a team’s success, they certainly help us form opinions.¬†And in about a month, you’re going to hear something else that you hear every year.

“Rankings generate discussion.”

It’s true. In a sport loaded with subjectivity, rankings satisfy a certain itch that we as college football fans get.

Here’s the good news, though. You don’t have to wait another month to scratch that itch.

Welcome to Top 25 Week here at SDS, reader of this column.

What is Top 25 Week, you ask?

Consider it the best way to prep you for 2019. The Top 25 teams? We’ve got it. The Top 25 SEC players? Yep. You want to sound smarter than your friends and be able to learn something about the Top 25 coordinators on each side of the ball in college football? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Every day this week starting Monday, we’ll have a pair of Top 25 rankings. Basically every angle of college football will be covered. Fitting that it’ll be right before the start of media days when you learn, well, probably not a whole lot.

Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Our goal isn’t simply to inform. As is the case with all rankings, we want to generate discussion (and not by coming up with some outlandish ranking that we don’t even believe in).

You think D’Andre Swift is the best back in America? Let us know about it.

You think Kellen Mond is a top 10 quarterback? Tell me why.

You think Nick Saban isn’t the best coach in America? Get out of here with that.

Just kidding. We want to hear all opinions. Discussion is healthy. Let me rephrase that. Constructive discussion is healthy.

We realize that you’re not going to agree with everything. Try and remember that these are still opinions and that no, we don’t have some personal vendetta against your favorite player/team. And if you do agree with every one of our tens of thousands of words that we have as part of this series, perhaps we were separated at birth (let’s grab a beer sometime).

A lot of thought went into Top 25 Week. A variety of subjects were offered up all in an effort to find the best way to get SEC fans ready for college football in 2019.

While most of the Top 25 stories you’ll see are in preparation for the year ahead, we’ll also look back at the decade that was. We had an epic email chain about the Top 25 SEC Moments that defined the decade. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing that’ll have the most debate of any Top 25 story.

Top 25 Week is for the fan who doesn’t just want to discuss some preseason poll in August. It’s for the fan who’s flipping on SEC Network on Fourth of July and watching classic SEC games all day (I definitely loaded up the DVR for that).

So in case I haven’t made it clear, this is the place to be. After all, where else can you relive The Kick 6 one day and then debate the top SEC freshman the next? Don’t let that opportunity go to waste as we hit the second week of July.

Top 25 Week is here. You should be, too.

Coming Monday: The Top 25 teams, Top 25 coaches in America.