Which tailgating experience is the best in the Southeastern Conference?

If you know how to have a good time, the answer is all of them. There’s not a bad option on the list thanks to the league having the best collection of passionate fans in the country and the game day scenes that are set every Saturday in the fall across the SEC.

That reality didn’t stop SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey from being asked about the league’s best tailgating during his recent appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday.

“That’s like dangerous for me because I have 14 favorite universities. All that is is trouble for me,” Sankey responded.

After thinking it over, the league commissioner offered up two fan bases that are historically known to have some of the best parties every Saturday in the fall.

“Ole Miss very clearly has distinguished themselves,” Sankey said. “If it’s caloric intake, you’re gonna be in Baton Rouge for creative food choices. When you’re me, you usually don’t walk through a lot of tailgates because there are opinions expressed in their own creative ways.”

For a guy that doesn’t frequent the tailgate scene very regularly, Sankey made two outstanding choices when mentioning the game day scenes at Ole Miss and LSU.