In light of Clemson’s championship run in football and South Carolina’s improbable run to the Final Four in the 2017 NCAA Tournament, some interesting discussions have materialized between the SEC and ACC. In a shocking development, both conferences are discussing an actual trade of member institutions presumably to get back to each conference’s respective core identity.

Of course with Clemson’s consecutive runs to the College Football Playoff Championship Game, the SEC would be further bolstering its stranglehold on college football, and the ACC — which has long since abandoned any hope of being a football power in the eyes of many fans north of South Carolina¬†— would improve its status as a basketball conference by obtaining the Gamecocks basketball program and 2017 March Madness darling, Frank Martin.

While the move might come as a surprise to fans, the topic has been discussed in some corners of the sports media world. Veteran Boston Globe writer Bob Ryan noted recently on Twitter that South Carolina made a huge mistake leaving the ACC to become an independent in 1971.

When asked to comment, South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp was surprisingly positive on the possible move. “You mean I get to pound on those sissies from Syracuse and Boston College each year rather than face the likes of Georgia, LSU and Alabama? Sure sign me up!” he said, laughing maniacally.

Further investigation has revealed that the ACC initiated the conversations. ACC Commissioner John Swofford confirmed as much and added that “the Gamecocks were ours first,” referencing the fact that South Carolina was a founding member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

We reached out to Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney for comment as well. Upon hearing our question, he launched into a long story about his childhood in Alabama, and frankly, we lost interest. As such, we have no comment from Swinney on the potential move.

Happy April Fools’ Day!