HOOVER, Ala. — Once again, Alabama will enter the season as the preseason favorite to win the conference.

Usually, the media whiffs at the preseason predictions, and last year, picking Alabama only made the media right for the sixth time in the last 25 years. Yes, you read that correctly.

While Alabama is the favorite in the West, the Georgia Bulldogs enter the favorite in the East despite back-to-back division championships by the Florida Gators.

Here’s the entire predicted order of finish, according to the media, for 2017:

SEC Champion

Alabama (217 points)
Auburn (11 points)
Georgia (6 points)
LSU (3 points)
Florida (3 points)
Vanderbilt (1 point)
Arkansas (1 point)
South Carolina (1 point)

Eastern Division

Georgia (1572 points)
Florida (1526 points)
Tennessee (998 points)
South Carolina (897 points)
Kentucky (869 points)
Vanderbilt (554 points)
Missouri (338 points)

Western Division

Alabama (1683 points)
Auburn (1329 points)
LSU (1262 points)
Arkansas (796 points)
Texas A&M (722 points)
Mississippi State (633 points)
Ole Miss (379 points)