Conference realignment has been a hot topic during the offseason. It may not be over yet.

Since the SEC added Texas and Oklahoma, other conferences have tried to form alliances and could be on the verge of adding more teams to the Power 5 mix.

The SEC Network jokingly suggested adding another team via the SEC Shorts series.

Adding Sewanee to the SEC might not be such a good idea. The Tigers were shut out 26 times in their 37 SEC games. They were outscored by a combined total of 1163–84. Sewanee and the SEC parted ways in 1940.

Despite being long forgotten in SEC lore, Sewanee has a strong connection to southern football, albeit indirectly. Shirley Majors was the head coach at Sewanee from 1957 to 1977. Majors’ had 5 sons who played college football, including Joe Majors, who played for the Houston Oilers after playing at Florida State.

Shirley Majors’ most prominent son in college football was Johnny Majors. He played for Tennessee before winning a national title at Pittsburgh. Eventually, he returned to Knoxville in 1977. He won 3 SEC championships at Tennessee but never could get another elusive national title at his alma mater. He was eventually replaced by Phillip Fulmer.