Which SEC school has produces the most draft selections in all sports over the last decade? The answer may surprise you.

ESPN.com recently put together a list they are calling the “Ultimate Draft Rank” which attempts to measure the schools that do the best job of producing draft selections. Looking back at the previous 10 drafts in the following sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, WNBA, lacrosse and softball, here’s what ESPN came up with when it comes to “Ultimate Draft Rankings” from the SEC.

The size of draft classes were also weighted, so NBA draft picks counted more than NFL draft picks due to the size of the draft classes for each.

When it comes to the SEC, here’s where each SEC program listed in the top 25 ranks:

#4 — Kentucky, 1351.9 score

  • Key sports: Men’s basketball, baseball, football

#8 — Florida, 1152.1 score

  • Key sports: Football, baseball, softball

#11 — LSU, 1044.8 score

  • Key sports: Football, baseball, softball

#16 — Tennessee, 955.6 score

  • Key sports: Women’s basketball, softball, football

#17 — Georgia, 938.8 score

  • Key sports: Football, softball, women’s basketball

#25 — Texas A&M, 641.9 score

  • Key sports: Baseball, football, women’s basketball