There’s going away to school … then there’s going way, way away.

Some SEC football players crossed a river, maybe a lake to play. A select few crossed an ocean.

Meet the 14 SEC football players who traveled the farthest to play for their school, none farther than a former Australian rugby player turned freshman LSU punter.

More on Growden in a minute …

Alabama: Senior RT Dominick Jackson

Hometown: Cupertino, Calif.

Miles: 2,287

Arkansas: Sophomore OL Reeve Koehler

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii

Miles: 3,928

Auburn: Senior RB Lawyer Tillman

Hometown: Lacey, Wash.

Miles: 2,216

Florida: Freshman LS Ryan Farr

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Miles: 1,953

Georgia: Freshman QB Nick Robinson

Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Miles: 1,975

Kentucky: Senior DT Melvin Lewis

Hometown: Compton, Calif.

Miles: 1,916

LSU: Freshman P Josh Growden

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Miles: 8,812

Mississippi State: Sophomore DB Jahmere Irvin-Sills

Hometown: Elkton, Md.

Miles: 835

Missouri: Sophomore CB Anthony Hines

Hometown: San Francisco

Miles: 1,634

Ole Miss: Sophomore WR Damore’ea Stringfellow

Hometown: Perris, Calif.

Miles: 1,593

South Carolina: Freshman QB Gage Pucci

Hometown: Glendora, Calif.

Miles: 2,098

Tennessee: Freshman DL Khalil McKenzie

Hometown: Walnut Creek, Calif.

Miles: 2,122

Texas A&M: Junior WR Jeremy Tabuyo

Hometown: Honolulu

Miles: 3,843

Vanderbilt: Sophomore DT Nifae Lealao

Hometown: Sacramento

Miles: 1,909