Not long ago, the SEC snagged Missouri and Texas A&M from the Big 12.

Now one writer suggests the time may be right for the SEC to raid the Big 12 again.

Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports floats the idea that the SEC would be wise to consider Oklahoma with continued uncertainty about the Big 12’s future. This week, the Big 12 announced that it will consider adding two or four teams and that interested schools — we’re looking at you, BYU, Houston, Cincinnati and others — should make their pitches.

Fornelli goes on to mention that if the SEC secures Oklahoma, then it’s likely that Oklahoma State will follow. Here’s how he explains his thinking:

The Sooners would be yet another strong football program added to the SEC’s arsenal, and if you get Oklahoma, you’re probably getting Oklahoma State, too, a program that doesn’t receive as much attention as it probably should when it comes to football success in recent years.

The SEC, already the strongest football conference in the country, would suddenly be even stronger.

As we’ve learned, little seems beyond the realm of possibility when it comes to conference realignment. A decade ago, who would have guessed that Missouri and Texas A&M would become part of the SEC? Or that Nebraska would join the Big Ten?

Oklahoma would make an attractive addition to the SEC. Who knows what the SEC’s divisions would look like in that scenario, but imagine if the Sooners ended up playing LSU and Alabama each year.

Still, all this talk is empty for now. Until there’s more fire with the smoke, we’ll see how the Big 12’s future plays out.