SEC states dominate per capita rankings for Power 5 recruits

The initial early signing period is set to kick off Wednesday, and a recent story in The Advocate took an in-depth look at which states produce the most Power 5 recruits.

In the article at The Advocate

, David Ching wrestles with the question of whether or not it is necessary for school’s to dominate in-state recruiting. The ultimate answer is that it depends on the school and state, but a variety of interesting numbers were produced through the research.

Of the four Playoff teams in 2017, Georgia posted far and away the highest percentage of in-state recruits on roster over the past decade. 63.1 percent of Bulldogs signees since 2008 came from Georgia. That percentage ranks ninth out of all Power 5 teams since 2008. By comparison, just 33.9 percent of Alabama’s signees from that same time period came from Alabama.

Ross Dellenger tweeted

a few screenshots from the article of which schools lead the nation in terms of recruiting in-state to add to the comparison. Four schools from Texas: Baylor, Texas, Texas A&M, and TCU, occupied the top four spots.

Georgia is the only SEC school in the top 10 while Florida, Mississippi State, and LSU all finished above 50% in terms of percentage of signees coming in-state:

It is also worth noting which state’s produce the most Power 5 recruits. While Texas definitely leads in total Power 5 recruits produced, Georgia claims the top spot when looking at per capita recruits. Dellenger shared another screenshot, this t

ime of the number of Power 5 recruits produced along with the per capita rankings.

In terms of per capita, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama claimed the top five spots:

It may not be necessary to always dominate in-state recruiting. However, the per capita rankings definitely illustrate that a lot of the top talent is right at home for the SEC.

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  • 7 out of the top 10 states for power 5 commits over the last decade are from the South, just confirms what we already know, SEC SEC!and also confirms why Michigan and others want the satellite camps so bad

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