The Georgia Bulldogs are the SEC’s top offense through 13 weeks and the only offense averaging over 40 points per game. The Bulldogs are averaging over 260 rushing yards per game behind Nick Chubb, and Hutson Mason and the passing game are improving rapidly.

Alabama’s defense is the only unit to allow less than 100 yards rushing per game at 85.27. The Crimson Tide’s defense is allowing opponents to score less than 15 points per game, with Ole Miss’ slightly better at 13.5 per game. Alabama’s defense is giving up just 4.33 yards per play, best in the SEC.

The Rebels’ defense, however, has forced the most turnovers (28) of any defense in the SEC.

Here’s a look at the 2014 SEC team stats leaders, with scoring offense and scoring defense numbers below:

Scoring offense

Georgia: 43.3 PPG
Mississippi State: 39 PPG
Texas A&M: 36 PPG
Auburn: 35.1 PPG
Alabama: 35 PPG
South Carolina: 34.8 PPG
Arkansas: 33.6 PPG
Florida: 31.6 PPG
Ole Miss: 30.4 PPG
Missouri: 29.3 PPG
Kentucky: 28.2 PPG
Tennessee: 27.9 PPG
Vanderbilt: 17.2 PPG

Scoring defense

Ole Miss: 13.5 PPG
Alabama: 14.5 PPG
LSU: 16.4 PPG
Mississippi State: 18.4 PPG
Missouri: 20.2 PPG
Arkansas: 20.2 PPG
Georgia: 20.5 PPG
Florida: 20.9 PPG
Auburn: 23.5 PPG
Tennessee: 24.5 PPG
Texas A&M: 27.7 PPG
Kentucky: 30.1 PPG
South Carolina: 30.8 PPG
Vanderbilt: 34.1 PPG