Big news for Henry To’o To’o, Arik Gilbert, TJ Finley and others: intraconference transfers are now immediately eligible in the SEC. The conference made the announcement Thursday.

The change in policy, effective immediately, follows a Thursday vote by the SEC’s Presidents and Chancellors. Student-athletes who transfer directly within the Conference will no longer be required to serve an automatic year in residence at their new school before being eligible for competition, the SEC release states.

“This is an important measure to further support student-athletes throughout the Southeastern Conference,” Commissioner Greg Sankey said in the announcement. “While maintaining the expectation that coaches and others avoid improper recruiting, this change will ensure that student-athletes who enroll at an SEC member institution will enjoy the flexibility afforded to other student-athletes across the nation.”

In April, the NCAA formally adopted a one-time blanket waiver for immediate eligibility.

Intraconference transfers will have to deal with certain deadlines to be immediately eligible. For fall sports, such as football, players must enter the portal by Feb. 1 to be eligible. That deadline is likely to cut down on players going through spring practice and then entering the transfer portal. The SEC has also set deadlines of May 1 for Winter sports and July 1 for Spring sports.