The world of the SEC isn’t always pretty, and as we learned in Week 12, fans aren’t immune from the lousy behavior that would get us flagged on the field and then some. Here’s a look at some of the less-than-refined moments from Week 12 in the SEC.

5. Where is everyone?

We get it, Vanderbilt fans. Your Commodores are 4-7 (2-5 SEC) and will be watching the bowl season in the same place as the rest of us: our couches. But, come on. We know Vandy is middling at best, it’s cold outside, and you’re more likely to see fans slugging each other in the face (see below) than a Johnny McCrary touchdown pass. But, Saturday’s attendance of mostly Texas A&M fans in Vanderbilt Stadium is an embarrassment. Officials listed the attendance at 32,482, but you could have fooled us. SEC fans travel well. Perhaps the Commodores would pick up the wins they need to become bowl eligible if visiting teams weren’t treated to a pseudo-home game, where their fans outnumber the Vandy, let’ call them, faithful.

4. F-(ayetteville) Bomb

Twitter can be a divisive medium, often cleaving society with its polarizing issues. Fans flocked to Twitter following Mississippi State’s blocked Arkansas field goal attempt to seal the Bulldogs’ Week 12 win over the Razorbacks to either praise or admonish the ESPN producer who cut away a split second before this disgruntled Hogs fan let fly with one of the loudest profanities we probably would have ever heard in our lifetimes.

3. Cold-Cocked

We’ve been scratching our heads all season long regarding the steep decline of the South Carolina Gamecocks. If you needed a play to sum up the season, perhaps this clip of South Carolina defense being abused by The Citadel’s Tyler Renew for what proved to be the winning score for the Bulldogs in the program’s first win over the Gamecocks since 1980. We’d like to call this shoddy tackling, but that implies a certain level of actual effort on the behalf of the Gamecock defense, which surrendered 380 yards in the loss to The Citadel, 350 of which came on the ground courtesy of runs such as those.
2. Pig Soo-ouch!

Temperaments flared at the conclusion of the Arkansas-Mississippi State game, but in worse ways than just one fan loudly voicing his displeasure (see above). The ESPN cameras caught the beginning of this donnybrook in the stands of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. If only Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and the Hogs shown that level of bravado on the final drive, then perhaps those guys aren’t using each other’s faces as a punching bag and instead hug-it-out.

1. Ugly in Ole Miss

An ugly incident devolved in the stands of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, as two security officers allegedly assaulted Rebel fan Chris Barnes, leaving what can best described as a nasty shiner. Oxford Police are now investigating the incident, which the school claims was carried-out by two independent officers not affiliated with the school. Expect a hefty lawsuit.