With tons of SEC action every Saturday, there are always going to be plenty of highlight reel plays. Week 7 was filled with them, with last-second field goals and bruising defensive efforts. Of course, there are also those plays that are better off forgotten. Here at Saturday Down South, we don’t forget. Let’s run down the worst of the week that was.

5. Jeff Driskel’s fourth quarter pick

The embattled Gators quarterback had another rough go on Saturday, and he made a horrendous decision that lost Florida the game. Driskel attempted a dangerous throw into double coverage with about 35 seconds remaining. It proved to be his worst decision of the night, as his defenseless receiver got cracked and had to be carted off after LSU grabbed the tipped ball and ran it back into Florida territory, putting them in position to make their game-winning field goal.

4. Alabama’s special teams 

After a series of miscues in the special teams game cost Alabama a win against Mississippi a week ago, they almost gave another one away against Arkansas. They did give away two fumbles on punt returns, one when Christion Jones attempted to field a punt in a crowd and another when the ball took a bounce off of Maurice Smith. Alabama fumbled two other times on punt returns, but were able to recover. If the Crimson Tide can’t clean up these mistakes, they’ll be hard-pressed to survive in the SEC West.

3. Paul Finebaum’s attempted Gator Chomp

“Pawwwllll” has a tendency to rile fans up. Florida fans should be all over him after this pathetic attempt at the Gator Chomp. For a man who’s made his living in the SEC, Finebaum should really know how this goes. You really know you’ve done something wrong when even Tim Tebow makes fun of you.

2. Jojo Kemp’s interception

Kemp was a star running out of the wildcat formation for Kentucky a week ago against South Carolina. Now, we know why he’d only run the ball when taking a direct snap up until this game against Louisiana-Monroe. Kemp rolled out to his right and attempted what could be described as a pass, but looked more like a weak shot-put throw. Safe to say that Kemp’s throwing privileges were probably permanently revoked after this one.

1. Jamal Adams’ flop

LSU is renowned as “Defensive Back University” around college football. Who knew they required their DBs to enroll in acting classes? After a punt went sailing out of bounds, Adams got up close and personal with Florida returner Andre Debose, who didn’t take kindly to Adams’ presence. Debose gave a little shove, drawing a personal foul penalty, while Adams gave an award-winning performance went down like he’d been shot. Hopefully, there’s no encore to this act.