With plenty of action every Saturday, there’s always going to be plenty of highlight reel plays. Of course, there are also those plays that are better off forgotten. Here at Saturday Down South, we don’t forget. Let’s run down the lowest of the lowlights from week two.

4. Derek Mason losing his cool.

It’s definitely embarrassing to get caught losing your cool in public. Even worse is having it happen on national television. It’s hard to blame Mason for this one, though. Through two games, his Commodores have yet to score an offensive touchdown and are by far the worst team in the SEC.

3. Nick Perry gets trucked.

Every player is bound to lose the battle at the point of contact. But that probably shouldn’t happen when an Alabama defensive player is coming up against a running back from a school like FAU. Props to Nick Perry for sticking his nose in there, but he better do a better job wrapping up to avoid popping up on this list again.

2. Mizzou’s Matt Hoch tackles his own man.

Aarion Penton’s 2nd quarter interception was a big one, as it came with the Tigers up 14-7 against a frisky Toledo squad.  It could have been even bigger if he hadn’t taken a shot from his own teammate, Hoch, at Toledo’s 25-yard line. Maty Mauk ran in a touchdown two plays later, so no harm no foul.

1. Bret Bielema challenges a first down with his team up 63-0.

Maybe Bielema wanted to savor Arkansas’ first win in nearly a year. Maybe he had to run to the bathroom, so he threw a challenge flag to buy himself some time. Maybe he needed a snack, with the game running as long as it was. None of those are any real excuse for challenging a Nicholls State first down spot early in the fourth quarter of this romp.