LSU is earning some serious points across the country right now.

The tragic South Carolina flooding has put the LSU-South Carolina game into perspective for both fan bases.

LSU is flying South Carolina’s team to Baton Rouge, and the Tigers are rolling out the red carpet, including the band playing the Gamecocks’ fight song and Sandstorm to be included in the pregame rituals.

See, LSU knows what this feels like, and the Tigers have been down this tragic road before. If USC fans had any respect for Les Miles prior to this event, that has sure grown as this week has progressed.

South Carolina fans and LSU fans alike are buzzing on social media about the way the Tigers have handled this situation and made it the absolute best possible for the Gamecocks and their fans.

Very classy #LSU!

Posted by Jonathan Giangrosso on Thursday, October 8, 2015