The Twitter world was filled with hilarious stuff before, during and after the college football national championship game. Here’s a look at some of the best.

This is it. I knew the championship trophy looked like something familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. A vase? A golden waffle cone? A megaphone? A telescope? No. Bugles.

Alabama quarterback Jake Coker completed a 53-yard touchdown pass to tight end O.J. Howard to put the Crimson Tide up 21-14. Needless to say Derrick Henry was jacked. So much so that he needed a chest bump from Coker without a moment to spare.

Twitter exploded after seeing this image of Henry and former Tide running back Mark Ingram standing next to each other after they took to midfield for the coin toss. You can read all the awesome comments here, but I especially liked this one.

Henry and Clemson QB Deshaun Watson shared a slow dance after the game, setting off fireworks in the background. No in all seriousness, this was an awesome moment of sportsmanship shared by two special athletes.

This was after Alabama recovered the surprise onside kick in the fourth quarter, which really swung the momentum in the game. By reading Nick Saban’s grin here, it did much more than swing the momentum.

Early in the game, Saban intercepted a pass from Watson on the sideline.

Offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin showed up in style for the game, but …

He didn’t look as baller afterwards when he missed the team’s bus and had to catch a ride from Saban.