OK, so the SEC had a bad week. From losses to unranked opponents to a pair of incredible second-half collapses, the opening weekend of 2016 was surely not what the conference had in mind.

SportsCenter, however, dug up a couple stats to pour some salt in the wound of the suddenly slipping SEC.

Seven — that’s right, seven — SEC teams lost in Week 1, most of them in uninspiring fashion, making for the league’s worst start to a season in 24 years. But wait, SEC fans, it gets worse…

A true freshman kicker playing in a veritable pressure cooker in the first game of his college career outscored five SEC schools (six, if you’re the kind who counts what Tennessee did in regulation). Everyone from national pundits to the average social media troll has piled on the SEC for its unexpected Week 1 showing, and it’s unlikely to stop until the conference returns to its old form.