Week 8 of the SEC saw Alabama put a number up on Tennessee, and a water bottle put a number on Ed Orgeron’s face. This week features a huge matchup between Georgia and Florida as well as another big battle between Auburn fans and Gus Malzahn.

Let’s check in on each SEC school and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 9:


Tennessee came into last week’s game with all the momentum, carrying an intimidating 1-game SEC winning streak into their battle with Alabama. But those scrappy Crimson Tide players were able eek out a 37-point victory to carry into the bye week. Bama fans are happy all around and not that concerned about the looming showdown vs LSU, but more focused on their true rival this season: the Alabama student section.


All the Razorbacks do is win baby. The boys from Arkansas certainly taught Tulsa a lesson about strolling into Fayetteville and hoping to come out with a victory. You know how the old saying goes, your SEC football season doesn’t truly begin until you beat your first team from the American Athletic Conference.


After a tumultuous week, Auburn was able to take care of Ole Miss and not be the laughing stock of the SEC for another week. Sure, Auburn fans might be angry at Gus Malzahn now, but they’re sure to change their tune after he leads them to another Birmingham Bowl victory.


The Gators have their biggest game in years this Saturday against Georgia, and they’re attempting to return to their glory days of the late 2000s by ripping the hearts out of UGA fans and gouging the eyes out of UGA players.


Georgia meanwhile, had a whole two weeks to sulk in its loss to LSU and get enraged by everyone saying Florida is back. Georgia fans know that they didn’t grind out two top recruiting classes, two 5-star quarterbacks, and an almost national championship just for Florida to be “back.” That ends Saturday.


While everyone is getting hyped over the mega top-10 SEC showdowns happening over the next two weeks, Kentucky is still sitting there with complete control of their fate in the SEC East. That sounds extremely promising, until you realize they had to barely escape with a victory over Vandy last week and they still have to play Georgia … but hey all of college basketball might be in federal prison by the time the season starts, so UK fans need something to pay attention to.


Tiger fans have transformed into criminal justice reform advocates this week as they attempted to negotiate the release of star linebacker Devin White. Unfortunately, as with most bureaucratic efforts, it didn’t work, and now they fill have to face the full force of the law in the form of Alabama.

Mississippi State

The Bulldogs were feeling OK about their chances against LSU last week until Coach O dumped a whole bottle of water on his face and showed that his intensity is just on another level. This week though, they play A&M, and Mississippi State’s drawing targeting penalties strategy should work great.


The Tigers blew the doors off Memphis last week and set the stage for a big matchup against UK on Saturday. The good news for Missouri is that there’s a good chance Kentucky will be distracted by the fact they’re playing Georgia the week after and by the fact that they’re playing meaningful football in late October.

Ole Miss

Sure, the Rebels might have lost to a struggling Auburn team, but at least … well there was actually no good news from this game. There’s only one month left of the season. You can get through this.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks had two weeks to prepare for Tennessee this weekend, which is about two weeks more than necessary.


Wow, remember when the Vols beat Auburn? That sure was something. It’s so great the season ended after that game and nothing happened afterward.

Texas A&M

A&M is coming off a bye week as well, which Jimbo probably used to laugh at the Mega Millions winner for winning such a small amount of money. But the Aggies do have a good chance to keep their momentum going against Miss State this week and show the world that there’s a new third-best team in the SEC West.


Derek Mason didn’t try to start a fight with Mark Stoops last week, so Vandy is definitely improving week in, week out. Now they get a bye week … oh wait never mind they play Arkansas. They’re so similar.