The balance of power has finally changed in the SEC. LSU is on top. Bama needs some help. And Tennessee is good, maybe? It’s a lot to wrap your head around, and this Saturday could be even crazier.

Let’s take a look around the SEC and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 12


Well, the LSU game didn’t turn out the way you wanted. But the good news is now Bama can just sit back and watch the college football world crumble around them for the rest of the month as you beat up on your usual foes and sneak into the Playoff. Just imagining how upset Danny Kanell will be when you make it in is enough to get through this loss.


Much of the college football world was surprised to see Florida State fire Willie Taggart after just 21 games. Good thing Arkansas took its time and gave Chad Morris a much more reasonable 22 games to figure things out. Now the Razorbacks are on the market and the future looks bright, or at least it’s impossible to look any darker.


There’s a lot on the line for Auburn over the next few weeks. Will it be another November to remember for Gus? Will it be his last on The Plains? Whose Playoff hopes will they ruin? It all starts this Saturday against Georgia, and if you’re gonna ruin anyone’s season, it might as well be the Bulldogs. And the good news is you probably won’t even have to score that many points to do it!


Last weekend, the Gators’ football team outscored their basketball team. Which is either a cool thing or a very, very bad thing depending on which sport you’re partial to. This week, the Gators have to travel to Missouri, which is about the scariest phrase a Gators fan can hear based on what happened the past few years. The good news is once you get through that game, you only have a bye week and the FSU game left on the schedule, which should be about equal in level of difficulty.


The Dawgs are riding high and as long as they don’t completely collapse in November, they’ll be playing in the SEC title game with a chance to go to the Playoff. On the flip side, they’re a Georgia sports team, so the chances of a complete collapse are much higher than normal.


OK, it’s officially about time for football season to end. Look who’s No. 1! (What? Kentucky lost to Evansville? At Rupp? Never mind. …)


Oh, it’s so great to be a Tiger. LSU fans got the win they were so desperate for and now the coast looks clear for an undefeated season. The only real threats standing in their way is a game against A&M or more secretly recorded Coach O locker room videos. Tigers fans are trying hard not to get too cocky, but honestly, could you blame them?

Mississippi State

The only thing worse than playing Alabama is playing an angry Alabama. And the only thing worse than that is playing an angry Alabama that needs to impress the Playoff committee. That’s exactly what looks like will happen Saturday, but at least the Bulldogs got an extra week off to prepare for this game and for Joe Moorhead to polish his résumé for Rutgers.


Sure, the SEC East hopes are way out the window, but you still get to participate in Mizzou’s newest tradition: sending Florida fans into an existential crisis. There has been a lot of disappointment surrounding these Tigers for the past few weeks, but a big win like would help cover over a lot of it, on top of just being hysterical.

Ole Miss

Well, playing LSU this weekend probably won’t be too much fun. But you’ve still got plenty to look forward to before this season ends. Like a bye week where you don’t have to watch this Ole Miss team play, and of course a chance to make Mississippi State’s season more miserable than it already is.

South Carolina

Sure, losing to Appalachian State is pretty embarrassing, and so is the fact that it’s widely known the only reason your coach isn’t going to be fired is because of the insanely large buyout you just gave him. And the fact that you have to play Clemson in a few weeks doesn’t help much. But … you know what, nevermind, this is all very bad.

Texas A&M

The Aggies need something they can hang their overly-sized hat on this season. And no, beating South Carolina on Saturday doesn’t count. A&M has 2 giants to slay at the end of this month and it will go a long way in showing what kind of progress this team has made. If things don’t go so well, then I heard the Belk Bowl is mighty nice this time of year.


Is Tennessee … back? No way, right? But maybe? These are the kind of questions Vols fans are dealing with. True, 7-5 might not seem like too exciting of a proposition, but after the start this team had, 7-5 seems like the promised land. Good luck to whatever city will host Tennessee in a bowl game, because you’re going to be seeing nothing but bright, bright orange.


It seems pretty early to call Alabama vs. LSU the “Game of the Century” when Kentucky and Vandy aren’t even playing until this weekend. The eyes of the world will be watching. And by the world we mean, everyone who accidentally flips to the SEC Network on Saturday afternoon looking for a different game. Jokes aside, Vandy still has a chance to finish this season strong and most important, ruin all of Tennessee’s good vibes. That should be the only goal.