College football is in a bit of chaos right now. The Big Ten and Pac-12 have both announced they have canceled their fall seasons and have turned the page to (hopefully) spring seasons. Meanwhile, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 are marching ahead hoping to play the season.

There will be many, many things that will go into SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey’s decision-making process before and after kickoff, but he’s the calming voice in a sea of chaos at the moment.

Although Steve Spurrier isn’t coaching on the sidelines anymore, the SEC legend still weighs in on many topics. He joined Paul Finebaum Wednesday to discuss the seismic events in the game he coached for so many years. Spurrier, like many others, believes football can be played this fall.

“With three of the Power 5 conferences ready to play, I think we can have college football,” Spurrier said on The Paul Finebaum Show. “I really do. If we have to watch on television, then so be it. These guys are pretty safe. They really are, Paul. It reminds me of the movie, ‘The Longest Yard,’ with Burt Reynolds and all of those guys. Right now, the college football players, they are the prisoners. They’ve got nowhere to go but to practice and back to their cell, or their dorm and eat together. That’s the way all of these teams have been living for the last couple of months or so.

“I believe they all have a right and deserve to go play the game. They want to play; they want to compete against the other guys. Most people nowadays live, let’s say, 80 years and these young men have 4 years to play college football. You’d hate to miss one here and there if you don’t have to. I hope something can be worked out that the Big Ten could come back. Because only three conferences playing would be a little unusual.”

The Big Ten isn’t coming back this fall, as Spurrier hopes, and there’s even little hope they can pull off any kind of spring season. Seeing how the Big Ten is a borderline disaster right now, it’s hard to see them getting all of the organization and structure of a spring season accomplished.