The fortunes of two SEC West programs could have been changed dramatically had Steve Spurrier been a little more impressive during his interviews which the schools — at least, that’s the way he tells it.

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During a recent appearance on ESPN the Zone 105.9 FM radio program Out of Bounds with Bo Bounds, out of Jackson, Miss., Spurrier confirmed that he did indeed interview with Mississippi State back in 1986. According to Spurrier, MSU’s AD back then Charlie Carr was not impressed with his interview skills.

The Bulldogs instead turned to someone named Rockey Felker, who would go on to a 5-28 SEC record in Starkville.

Spurrier said he also met with LSU that offseason but did not land so much as a second interview with the Tigers.

“I didn’t get invited back for a second interview there. Bo, I’m not a good interview. I’m not, because I don’t talk real mean or tough, I don’t have a bunch of big fancy words they like to hear,” Spurrier said on the air. “There’s a lot of athletic directors that all they go by is the interview.”

Spurrier would go on to become Duke’s coach in 1987 before ultimately making his coaching debut in the SEC at his alma mater.

You can listen to the segment of Spurrier’s appearance on Out of Bounds with Bo Bounds here: