Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final week of SEC predictions. If we haven’t figured it out by now … well, actually we probably haven’t. Even in Week 12, the week that was pretty cut and dried, there were a couple of big surprises. So anyway, how does the SEC end the regular season? Here’s one last, best guess here.


Alabama: 11-1

Not that Alabama looked unbeatable, because it didn’t. But if Auburn couldn’t handle South Carolina, how on Earth could they take down the Tide, even in Jordan-Hare?

Arkansas: 8-4

That matchup with Missouri looks a little more imposing than it did a few weeks back, but we’ll take the Hogs to handle the Tigers.

Auburn: 6-6

Somebody had to take the tough losses in the SEC West, and Auburn has certainly availed themselves of the opportunity. They easily could have handled Mississippi State and South Carolina and finished 8-4. But they didn’t.

LSU: 5-7

The only thing that would make this insane season even more insane would be for the Tigers to upset Texas A&M to gain bowl eligibility. But we’re giving the edge to the Aggies, at least for the moment.

Mississippi State: 7-5

A month or so ago, the Egg Bowl looked like a foregone conclusion. But given State’s solid work down the stretch of the season, the Bulldogs could plausibly pick up an 8th win. That said, we’re not calling for it.

Ole Miss: 10-2

Similarly, the Rebels, who played down to Vanderbilt in Week 12, are certainly capable of losing in Starkville. That said, on the strength of an excellent season, we’ll take the Rebels to pick up a 10th win and seal a NY6 bowl appearance.

Texas A&M: 9-3

It’ll be tough sledding at LSU, but the Aggies have been one of the SEC’s more dependable teams, and they should grab the win.


Florida: 5-7

Fine, we’ll turn against the Gators, too. What kind of a world is it when 5-6 Florida State and 5-6 Florida meet to decide who wants to subject their fans to another awful 2021 game? Anyway, at this point, we’ll take the Seminoles.

Georgia: 12-0

If we can count on anything, we can count on this. (Can we count on anything?)

Kentucky: 9-3

As iffy as the secondary has been, this game with Louisville could be a big test. But with Kentucky’s offense rolling, we’ll take UK in a shootout to reach the 9th win.

Missouri: 6-6

Could this team win another one against Arkansas? It’s certainly plausible, but we’ll project the Missouri roll to stop at 6 wins, which was pretty impressive as dead as the defense looked at midseason.

South Carolina: 6-6

No, it doesn’t look like the Gamecocks can take down Clemson. The good news is that they don’t need to in order to reach bowl eligibility. Add Shane Beamer to the list of potential SEC Coach of the Year candidates for some impressive work with this squad.

Tennessee: 7-5

The Vols don’t seem likely to struggle with Vandy next week, and a 7-5 mark is yet another one of the SEC’s most impressive coaching jobs for 2021.

Vanderbilt: 2-10

No change here.