The Game of the Century is finally here! Yep, it’s Kentucky vs. Tennessee and 4th place in the SEC East hangs in the balance. … Oh, is that not the game we’re excited for? Well anyway, let’s take a trip around the SEC and see how everyone is feeling heading into Week 11.


Tua’s ankle is healing up, Saban is finishing up his 2nd week of preparation, and the Playoff committee ranked Alabama outside the top 2. All of the ingredients for success and motivation are there. Can Bama get the big win it needs to climb atop the rankings? It’ll depend on whether the greatest coach in college football history can out-scheme Ed Orgeron. So Bama fans are feeling a’ight.


You wouldn’t think anyone would be jealous of Florida State, but after watching Willie Taggart get fired this past weekend, Arkansas fans were really wishing they were in the same spot. That’ll happen when Mississippi State hangs 54 points on you. On the bright side, if FSU is still looking for a coach, Arkansas fans know one they’d be more than willing to let them have.


Every year, Auburn has at least one of those games that’s extremely weird, ugly and borderline unwatchable. Last week’s game against Ole Miss certainly qualifies. The good news is the Tigers’ defense now gets a week off to collect their thoughts and watch clips of Kirby Smart screaming “don’t doubt Jake Fromm!” while laughing hysterically.


The dream of an SEC championship and Playoff appearance came to an end, but watching the dumpster fire in Tallahassee and taking all your anger out on Vanderbilt on Saturday helps take the sting away. There’s still plenty to play for like a potential NY6 bowl game, beating Missouri finally, and keeping FSU away from a bowl. That’s enough to keep your head up for now.


The Dawgs are right back in the thick of the Playoff hunt, but just 1 more slip-up will end their championship dreams. And if you’re scared of an upset, Missouri is not the team you want to play because who knows what will happen. The good news is you’re playing at home under your lights, which should be enough of a distraction to keep the Tigers from pulling off a shocker.


The Cats showed up Mizzou 2 weeks ago and now have a chance to keep it rolling against Tennessee. Just make sure to keep Lynn Bowden in some type of plastic bubble where nothing or no one can hurt him until kickoff, because otherwise, things might get rough.


The big game is finally here for the Tigers. We know LSU is good, but are the Tigers national championship level good? Is Joe Burrow truly a Heisman-caliber type player? How much of Bryant-Denny can be turned purple and gold? Does Tuscaloosa have an adequate amount of alcohol? All these questions we’ll know the answer to very soon.

Mississippi State

Even Mississippi State was shocked to see just how terrible Arkansas truly is. Things might have seemed hopeless earlier in the season after losing to Tennessee, but just knowing that there’s a fan base way more pitiful than you is enough hope to keep going. Now the Bulldogs get a week off to prepare for Alabama, which isn’t going to help, but it’s a nice gesture by the SEC, nonetheless.


Who knows what to believe about this team. They went from SEC sleeper pick to helpless against Kentucky in record time. Now you’ve got to travel to Athens while the Dawgs are riding tons of momentum. Things look pretty bleak, but in this conference maybe that’s a good sign.

Ole Miss

The Rebs gave Auburn a good scare last week, and now get to enjoy a sleeper of a game this week before the 1-2 punch of LSU/MSU to end the season. Bowl eligibility is a long shot, but watching John Rhys Plumlee grow his legend makes it a little bit worth it.

South Carolina

After proving that they’re officially not worse than Vanderbilt, the Gamecocks have a chance to get even with the state of North Carolina. Actually, App State might be the best team in North Carolina. If App State wins this game after already beating UNC, they’ll have to name both states North and South Appalachian. It’s in the constitution.

Texas A&M

The Aggies are in the midst of a bye week, and honestly, most A&M fans would rather lay low after the way this year has gone. But the Aggies aren’t done yet, they end the year with the hardest 2-game stretch of anyone and if they just win one of them it could massively change the narrative around the program. That said, if they lose to South Carolina it might be a very different narrative.


How about 3 wins in your past 4 games? That feels pretty nice, right? Now all you have to do is win 2 of your next 3 games and just like that you’re in a bowl game again. It starts with slowing down Kentucky’s 1-man offense Saturday. It shouldn’t be too hard, it’s not like they’re Georgia State or anything.


Vandy plays at Florida this weekend, which means it’s time for the much-anticipated rematch between Derek Mason and Dan Mullen. In case you don’t remember, they almost came to blows last year in Nashville but got broken up before things got completely out of control. But I think we all know how it would have ended.