It’s Week 6 of the college football season, Kentucky is undefeated, and Coach O is a front-runner for Coach of the Year. How did we get here? Is everyone OK?

Let’s check in on each SEC school and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 6:


It’s almost scary how easy everything has been for Alabama so far this year, and at this point Bama fans are taking Nick Saban’s advice and looking for anything to feel worried about. What if Tua gets hurt? What if the game comes down to a kick? What if Saban’s car dealerships have a bad month? Something bad has to happen, right?


Well if anyone knows how quickly bad things can happen, it’s Arkansas. But the Razorbacks turned in their least embarrassing performance of the year last week, so they’ll steal a page from Texas A&M’s playbook and claim a moral victory. And if they can keep this Bama game within 50, they’ll get to claim another one this weekend too.


Auburn fans should be given a medal for having to sit through their offensive possessions the past few weeks, and anyone planning to sit through Auburn vs. Mississippi State this weekend deserves a parade thrown in their honor. It’s a shame a great defense has to be paired with an offense that is as predictable as Gus Malzahn’s sweaters, but that’s the fate Auburn has chosen.


The “Is Florida good?” pendulum took a hard swing into “yes” last week after a big win in Starkville. Although it’s hard to tell if they won because they were truly the better team or if both offenses just signed a treaty to get the game over with. Either way, Florida fans will get a true test of their team this Saturday when LSU comes to town in what will be the biggest moment of the Dan Mullen era so far, aside from his awkward recruiting pictures.


The big win over Tennessee is marred just a bit by the fact that the Vols made it almost a close game at one point in the 4th quarter, and that’s just unacceptable. Is Georgia maybe not as invincible as some would have you believe or have they just not had a reason to play inspired lately? One thing is for sure, we won’t find out this week against Vandy.


As hardened SEC East juggernauts for all of three weeks, the Wildcats are feeling pretty good about where they’re at. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Kentucky is the new Florida, Florida is the new South Carolina, and South Carolina is the new Kentucky. This week, the Cats take on A&M, and if they can bait Jimbo into committing more facemask penalties against his own players, they’ll be in pretty good shape.


Tigers fans are pumped as Coach O and the gang head down to Gainesville, a city that feels like a constant Orgeron family reunion. LSU has to play Florida and Georgia back-to-back and then Alabama two weeks later. It’s shaping up to be the toughest month for LSU football since Les Miles learned about Columbus Day.

Credit: Scott Clause/The Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK

Mississippi State

The Bulldogs fell short in their revenge game against Dan Mullen, but Mississippi State fans can at least take heart in knowing that they’ll be heavily favored in the Joe Moorhead revenge game when he comes to town in two years as the head coach of Temple.


The Tigers had a bye week to prepare for South Carolina, which is like giving yourself two weeks to read Green Eggs and Ham. So the Tigers have to feel pretty good about their chances.

Ole Miss

There’s not a lot of bright spots for Ole Miss these days, but in order to stay sane it’s important to find the positives. A bright future? Ehhh not so much. A promising young coach? Don’t think so. The new mascot? Definitely not. Mississippi State lost? Yes, there it is …

South Carolina

The Gamecocks meanwhile, are coming off a rough performance against Kentucky, but at least Carolina fans can say their basketball team has been to a Final Four more recently. For now, however, the season plan shifts from winning the SEC East to just ruining Florida or Clemson’s season.


How about the Vols beating the spread in Athens? Is Tennessee back? Definitely not, but they did make Georgia fans mildly annoyed for a while, so that’s something. For now, it’s every Tennessee fan’s favorite week, the bye week. Which means they get to go a whole Saturday without entering a 4-hour catatonic state of depression!

Texas A&M

At least the media has been focused on Jimbo potentially committing light player abuse instead of the fact the Aggies struggled to beat Arkansas. Now they have to face Kentucky, and Jimbo might have to shank somebody to distract from what will happen.


Who can forget those few weeks at the beginning of the season when people though Vandy might be competitive? Vanderbilt fans are planning to spend the rest of the season playing Springsteen’s Glory Days while watching the highlights of their 5-point loss to Notre Dame.