It was a fun and exciting Week 2 in the SEC as the league started to get back on track after a rocky opening weekend. With one notable exception. Don’t worry Tennessee fans, we won’t make you talk about it if you don’t want to.

So let’s try to break through all the chaos and see how every fan base is feeling heading into Week 3.


After another ho-hum 52-point victory, Alabama can now turn its attention to its most difficult opponent yet: another noon game 2 weeks from now. Oh and this Saturday they play South Carolina, which should be a nice little distraction.


Sure, the Razorbacks might have just blown their best chance at winning an SEC game this year and probably started the wrong quarterback for the first 2 games, but hey, it’s better than losing to Georgia State.


You can choose to believe that: A) it was an ugly win vs. Tulane and the offense definitely have some things to figure out or B) it was all part of Auburn’s master plan to further humiliate Orgeon by making their loss look worse. We’ll go with option B.


It was a real bittersweet Week 2 for the Gators. Bitter because 2 of your best players got injured and you’ll have to enter SEC play without them. Sweet because your in-state rivals are a combined 1-3, with the lone victory being a 1-point win over Louisiana Monroe in overtime. Now the Gators turn their attention toward Kenutcky, which going by recent standards, they shouldn’t lose to again until 2039.


A lot of Bulldogs fans didn’t know how to feel after their dominant (but maybe not dominant enough?) victory over Vanderbilt in Week 1. And they didn’t learn much more during their route of Murray State last week. And spoiler alert: They won’t learn much against Arkansas State this week. But if they go on to beat Notre Dame by a lot that will tell you … ehh not much really, we’ve seen that happen enough.


Losing Terry Wilson is genuinely heartbreaking, but now the hopes of Big Blue Nation rest with former Troy QB Sawyer Smith. Don’t worry Sawyer, all you have to do is jump straight into the heart of UK’s SEC schedule. The good news for Sawyer is that 2 of those SEC games will be against Arkansas and Tennessee-Martin, which should give him fond memories of his time in a mid-major conference.


The University of Texas shoved LSU fans way up in a corner of their active construction site of a stadium, turned off the A/C on the hottest day of the year, brought The Undertaker … and still got wiped off the field by Joe Burrow and the LSU offense. After that huge victory, there’s nothing that can bring down Tigers fans at this point — unless of course you bring up their pass defense.

Mississippi State

Watching the Bulldogs beat up on in-state schools is fun, watching the entire offense get decimated by injuries is decidedly not fun. The good news is MSU looked very good with Tommy Stevens running the Joe Moorhead offense, and as long as they don’t have to keep playing afternoon games in 100-degree heat, this season should be a fun one.


Good thing Mizzou had that preseason game to work things out and get the team rolling like it did against West Virginia. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if that Wyoming game counted? Yikes.

Ole Miss

As the old saying goes: Call Ole Miss what you want just don’t call them last in the SEC. They made sure of that in Week 2 and now can return to their regularly scheduled business of holding on for dear life through the rest of the SEC West schedule.

South Carolina

Welcome to the Hilinski era. The freshman QB looks to be everything he was promised and now they can just ease him into the rest of the season with a 3:30 CBS game against Alabama for a Nick Saban revenge game. What’s the problem?

Texas A&M

OK so the Aggies are not as good as Clemson, at least we know that for sure now. And we know Kellen Mond still has a lot of work to do to reach elite QB status. But on the positive side of things, there are only 3 more potential Playoff teams left to play!


Once again, don’t want to talk about it.


If Vanderbilt fans have learned anything through 2 games it’s that either Purdue is the UGA of the Big Ten, or that road games (even ones played in your own stadium) just aren’t Vanderbilt’s thing.