The internet is really a great place sometimes.

For years, BCS haters longed for an opportunity to see a playoff. And now that we have a four-team playoff in place, many want to expand it to eight, or 16 or even 32 teams.

We’ll leave the merits of those ideas for a debate to be held another day.

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that we may have inadvertently played a pseudo 128-team tournament with the 2015 regular season schedule.

The website has released a chaotic bracket which highlights wins in real 2015 games to create a bracket that produces Michigan State, Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma as the final four teams remaining from an epic 128-team battle:

Now, while that’s fun to look at, the theoretical bracket does have its flaws.

For example, the games listed weren’t played in chronological order, so it is using games played at any point in the season to make its point about which team can beat the other.

That method leaves a team like Houston, who has had an amazing season that landed the Cougars in a New Year’s Six bowl game against Florida State, as a first-round loser to UConn for the sake of making things work.

Still yet, how cool is this?