The talk of expanding the College Football Playoff to eight teams has been around for years, but it gained steam in recent days after The Athletic released a report that said some administrators are pushing for it.

Teams left out, including Ohio State and Washington this year, for example, have fueled the expansion discussion, as it intersects with conference championships, and even conference affiliations as Notre Dame and Georgia were involved in the debate this time. Then there’s undefeated Central Florida and its strength of schedule and Group of 5 arguments.

The SEC reportedly remains firmly against ending its successful title game setup.

But now BetDSI has offered a chance to put your money where your speculation theory stands. There are odds available that respond to this question: Will the College Football Playoff expand to eight teams for 2020 regular season? Yes is +150 and No is -200.

Without a widespread consensus on a direction to go, and administrators having conflicting opinions, it’s unclear how this would be addressed going forward. But one thing is clear in college football: If there’s a debate to be had, fans, administrators and media will stake out their side and offer passionate opinions to stir the conversation.