Tim Brando has long been a critic of how the college football national championship is decided, and in particular how the College Football Playoff rankings are built.

The latest version did not help to change his mind, and in fact, it may have reinforced it. Speaking on a segment on The DA Show, Brando unloaded on the rankings. He didn’t agree with Cincinnati being No. 5.

“Don’t throw dirt on a schedule for Cincinnati. They’ll never throw dirt on an SEC schedule,” Brando told The DA Show on Wednesday. “Cincinnati should be No. 2. They should be No. 2. They’re undefeated. What you do early in the season should matter. They play a very difficult schedule within their league. SMU is a good team, Houston finally got ranked.

Brando believes the Playoff committee shapes the rankings to fit the narrative against teams like Cincinnati.

“Why do you suppose it took this long to get any of their brethren from the American conference ranked?,” Brando said. “I’ll tell you: because the committee wants to say that they don’t have any wins over ranked opponents. That’s why. When I see three-loss teams out of the Big Ten ranked and no Houston and no SMU, that’s code for corruption.”