Tim Brando has monitored the big story in college sports this week, and the FOX Sports broadcaster has weighed in with his thoughts on the matter.

“Where should your eyes be as realignment really gets rolling,” Brando said. “The avalanche is coming.”

Brando then spoke about Notre Dame, and while its independence is fine, why would the Irish turn down $100 million of additional revenue?

“Keep an eye on the Irish,” Brando said. “Who’s next? Clemson. The Tigers are the most successful program of the last, of half dozen years, and they’re making the least money of any of those power teams. Why do you suppose they want to stay in an ACC that is saddled with the worst television deal, and they have it until 2036. Trust me, Clemson leads a parade that includes Miami, North Carolina, certainly Florida State as teams that are looking at possible address changes, as all of what happened yesterday triggers a domino effect.”

Brando then speculated about Utah and Colorado joining the Big 12, and said the Arizona schools could be in play.

Brando closed by saying any exit fee is weighed primarily with the significant raise in conference revenue spread among a growing number of schools in a given conference.