Tim Tebow doesn’t think there’s too much of a chance that the SEC gets 2 teams in the College Football Playoff.

The initial rankings were revealed Tuesday night, and the selection committee had Georgia, Alabama, Michigan State and Oregon in that order for the Top 4.

Georgia and Alabama, obviously, will likely face off in the SEC Championship Game — if all goes accordingly — in early December. One-loss Alabama would have to beat undefeated Georgia in Atlanta to make the Playoff. Georgia would still likely be in the top 4 in that scenario, too.

However, before that time, Georgia still has to play Tennessee, and Alabama still has to play Auburn. So, there are some big games ahead for both teams. That’s why Tebow gives it less than a 50 percent chance that 2 SEC teams reach the Playoff this year.

“I really believe these are the 2 best teams in the country,” Tebow said on SportsCenter Saturday morning. “But I think there’s less than a 50 percent chance both make the College Football Playoff. Here’s why — both of them have huge rivalry games in front of them. Georgia-Tennessee next week. For Alabama, they have LSU this week and Auburn in a couple weeks. And you also have the SEC Championship Game. I just think it’s too much for both of these two teams to run the gauntlet and play in the SEC Championship Game. Then, Alabama to beat Georgia. I think that’s the only way for these two teams get in. I think that it’s just a little bit too hard. That’s why I give it less than a 50 percent chance that it happens.”

How will all of this play out? It’s going to be fun watching the drama unfold.