Lots of coaches have come forward to share their feelings on the new ‘Fair Pay to Play’ act in California in the last couple weeks. Former Georgia running back Todd Gurley hasn’t made his opinions known on the new law Thursday, but he did open up about his thoughts on the NCAA in general.

During a press conference Thursday, Gurley took a shot at the college sports organization by wearing a t-shirt with NCAA written vertically down the front. On the shirt, the letters made an acronym, standing for “Not Concerned About Athletes.”

Check it out below:

The NCAA is expected to fight the ‘Fair Pay to Play’ act in court, where athletes can make money off their own image and likeness.

The debate of whether college athletes should be able to make money off their own likeness hits right at home for Gurley, as he received a four-game suspension in 2014 for allegedly making $3,000 for signed autographs and memorabilia. In his first game back from the suspension against Auburn, Gurley tore his ACL. That was the final game of his college career at Georgia.