Todd McShay is generating plenty of social media concern after his sideline report before the second quarter of Alabama-Miami on ABC on Saturday.

If you recall, McShay had to exit the Wisconsin-Northwestern broadcast last year due to an illness. He would return to the sidelines for his next assignment the following weekend.

The exact illness of the ESPN draft expert was undisclosed, but he was able to work the remainder of his games in 2020 without further incident. However, there’s a great deal of concern following his latest sideline report, so his condition is certainly worth keeping an eye on as the Crimson Tide and the Hurricanes play each other in Atlanta.

McShay is considered one of the best analysts and reporters in the business, and we sincerely hope everything is fine.

You can watch the video of McShay’s report below.

Here was just a sampling of the social media reaction following McShay’s report: