It’s Championship Week, and we finally get to see the matchup we’ve been waiting for since the end of last year’s National Championship Game. Will the Dawgs gets revenge or will Alabama finally win an SEC title after a lengthy 1-year drought?

On paper, both teams seem equally matched, and you can make a well reasoned argument for either to win.

We’ll let others break down blitz packages and hot reads. We’re taking a look at Saturday’s game to see who has the edge in the really critical areas that everybody should be analyzing but nobody else is, Uncensored-style:

Which quarterback would win in a fight against Jimbo Fisher’s nephew?

We all saw Jimbo’s nephew antagonize and start fights with some LSU officials after their game last week, but what would happen if he tried it again Saturday? Which QB could hold their own if push came to shove vs the $75 million nephew? Jake Fromm has a slight height and weight advantage, but Tua has the swagger that you want to see in a match like this. We know the kid has the ability to take one on the jaw and keep going, so it’s going to take more than just measurables. Tua is way too nice, but he has the advantage here.

EDGE: Alabama

What program could pay off their coach’s $32 million buyout quickest?

Let’s say in a hypothetical scenario, not based on anyone in particular of course, these teams had to get rid of a coach who had a $32 million buyout clause. What program could rally boosters and mega-donors the quickest to get it done? We’ll have to go with the program that aerates its football field with two heavy duty helicopters flying a few feet off the ground. Meanwhile, it took Georgia 15 years to move on from Mark Richt.

EDGE: Alabama

Which defense is more likely to destroy Urban Meyer’s final Horcrux in the Playoff?

Every time Urban Meyer’s career looks like it’s taken a fatal blow, he recoups in the Forbidden Forest for a few months and comes back stronger. Which one of these hardened SEC defenses has what it takes to finish him off? Saban had his chance in the Playoff a few years back, and he couldn’t do it. So we’re trusting Kirby and Mel Tucker on this one.

EDGE: Georgia

Which coach could survive 7 overtimes while drenched in Gatorade?

You’d have to imagine that if a Nick Saban team poured Gatorade on him while there was still even a .001% chance of them losing, it would send him into a rage that our human brains couldn’t even begin to understand. Meanwhile, you could place Kirby Smart bare-chested on a polar ice cap and it wouldn’t stop him from running up and down the sidelines making crazy signals to his defense.

EDGE: Georgia

What team is more haunted by their 2013 loss to Auburn?

On one hand you have the Prayer at Jordan-Hare, but on the other you have the Kick-6. Both fan bases have been tortured by replay after replay of those plays for the past 5 years. But unfortunately for Bama, the Kick-6 tops all, and no amount of undefeated National Championship seasons will make us forget about it.

EDGE: Alabama

Which fan base will get more triggered by something Gary Danielson says?

Getting mad at Gary Danielson during the live broadcast is as much of an SEC tradition as Toomer’s Corner, running through the T, and South Carolina hiring coaches way past their prime. But who will be the first to scream at their over a comment that sent them over the edge? We think this one is pretty even.

EDGE: tie