Every year, ESPN’s College GameDay travels around the country to host the pregame show for that week’s action from the site of some major games.

But, who will be the team that is featured on the show the most this fall (either as the home team, away team or in a neutral-site situation)?

Fortunately, there are odds for that. The folks at Sportsline.com recently updated their lines, and five SEC teams are mentioned (via 247Sports):

  • Notre Dame — 10/1
  • Texas A&M — 8/1
  • Ohio State — 8/1
  • Texas — 7/1
  • Alabama — 7/1
  • Auburn — 5/1
  • Florida — 5/1
  • LSU — 5/1
  • Michigan — 4/1
  • Everybody else — 8/1

Notably, Georgia and Clemson are not listed. Those powerhouse teams would be included in “everybody else,” making that an interesting play.

Who do you think will be the leader in GameDay appearances this fall?