Which SEC programs could become breakout teams in 2020?

Urban Meyer has a few thoughts on that, as he thinks 2 SEC programs are due for big breakout seasons: Auburn and Florida.

Meyer, now a FOX Sports analyst, has 3 criteria for a breakout team: 1. strong culture and leadership, 2. returning system on offense and 3. returning quarterback. Therefore, Meyer has the Gators listed as his top breakout team in 2020.

“I know Dan Mullen,” Meyer said, via FOX Sports. “He’s a very good offensive coach, but you know what he is? He’s a culture guy, too. He’s a leadership guy. He believes in the big picture.

“He’s (Mullen) got an excellent system that’s been with him wherever he’s gone, and he’s been there (Florida) a few years. And then, he has a very good quarterback coming back (Kyle Trask). I wouldn’t say ‘great’ quarterback yet, because he’s not. But this year, it’s his time to become a great quarterback.”

Meyer ranked the Gators first, following by North Carolina, USC, Auburn and Penn State.

As things stand right now, Florida has one of its most favorable schedules in years. However, if the SEC goes to a conference-only schedule as reported Wednesday, then the Gators would also play Alabama and Texas A&M from the SEC West.

That’s just brutal.