Urban Meyer will go down as one of college football’s best coaches of all-time. The 3-time national champion coach is now an analyst with FOX Sports, and he’s able to weigh in on topics around the nation.

During his illustrious career, Meyer was 187-32 overall with stops at Bowling Green (2001-02), Utah (2003-04), Florida (2005-2010) and Ohio State (2012-18). Is Meyer done coaching for good? Only time will tell, and as long as he’s breathing, he’ll be linked to elite vacant jobs until he shoots down the rumors.

For now, though, Meyer gets to weigh in on topics as an analyst, and most recently, he ranked the top 5 coaches. From a “historical perspective,” Meyer ranked 3 SEC head coaches — Nick Saban, Ed Orgeron and Jimbo Fisher (and a former other SEC head coach in Les Miles) — in his top 5.

“I think there are 2 things you need to look at. No. 1 — we all play team sports for a lot of reasons,” Meyer said ahead of ranking his top 5 coaches. “The No. 1 reason, in my belief, is to win a championship. … At the end of the day, Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time because he’s got more rings than anyone else. I know Dan Marino, and I’m friends with Dan Marino, but he didn’t win one; so, you can’t really say that (he’s the best).

“When I started putting my mind to this (ranking the top 5 coaches), Nick Saban is No. 1. Dabo (Swinney) is No. 2. This is from a historical perspective. Mack Brown would be No. 3. And then Ed Orgeron with the best college team in the history of the game (at No. 4). And then you have Les Miles and Jimbo Fisher (tied at No. 5).”

Interestingly, Meyer also gave criteria for head coaches in 2020 — 1. culture, 2. recruiting, 3. leadership, 4. ability to inspire and 5. strategy. He then ranked “the top 5 coaches to lead a program today:” 1. Nick Saban, 2. Dabo Swinney, 3. Kirby Smart, 4. Lincoln Riley and 5. Ryan Day.

Meyer’s full explanation is below: