There are a host of teams off to rough starts this season across college football. Fox Sports analyst Urban Meyer on Saturday morning on the pregame show outlined a 3-point criteria for why programs struggle. Meyer said he’s seen it throughout his career, and to make blanket statements across the NFL or college football is not properly “looking under the hood.”

“When you see a team struggle, the first thing the fans and media do are blame the players, or they blame the coaches,” Meyer said.

His first reason is a “trust issue.”

“The players don’t trust the coach,” Meyer said. “The coach doesn’t trust the players, or awful when the players don’t trust each other.”

Then there’s the dysfunctional work environment where the expectations are high, but “we don’t work hard.” Frustration, anger and disappointment quickly follow.

“We want to win a championship, ‘I got news guys, we’re not working hard,'” Meyer said. “Work ethic must exceed or equate your expectations.”

The last problem is selfishness, because according to Meyer, football is an unselfish sport.

Meyer then pointed out struggling teams like LSU, Penn State and Michigan.

“Stop with the bad players, I get sick of hearing that, it’s not the players, I don’t think it’s the coaches, but there’s something wrong,” Meyer said. “Lift the hood, find out one of those (areas).”