Storming the field always makes things scary for fans and opposing players alike. In fact, we’ve already seen one Washington State fan get run over by a USC player earlier this year (maybe intentionally).

After Saturday’s Iron Bowl, there was another potentially dangerous situation, as Alabama DB Tony Brown appeared to go out of his way to hit an Auburn fan who stormed the field after the Tigers’ 26-14 victory.

The video below, shared by on Vimeo, doesn’t capture the actual punch that may have been thrown, but it does show Brown aggressively approaching the fan and also the aftermath of him getting pulled away (check it out around the 1:00-mark):

The video was posted on Twitter by @willcollier as part of an exchange with Alabama reporter Aaron Suttles, which you can see below:

Again, you can’t actually see Brown throw a punch in the video, but it does appear things got tense on the field.

This isn’t a good look for Brown, but it also goes to show why fans shouldn’t be on the field until the opposing team is back in the locker room.