Former “Last Chance U” coach Jason Brown has never been shy about sharing his opinion, even when it is offensive or troubling.

The former Independence Community College coach is now going after his critics, sounding off during an interview this week.

As you can see below, Brown joined a 247Sports show and called out people for not understanding what he does:

“They’re probably, like, Pop Warner or high school guys that have no clue about dealing with single-parent kids at my level, as far as the broken kid—the truly broken kid,” he said. “A lot of them don’t like me because they couldn’t get their kids a scholarship and then I end up getting their kids a scholarship 18 months later. The truth hurts, brother.”

He cites the number of players he sends on to the NFL or Division I schools. However, that part wasn’t the issue, necessarily. His firing had more to do with the eight felony counts he currently faces, one would assume.